A Paradigm Shift

Moving Towards at Home Healing


Moving Towards At Home Healing

For betterment of the self and the planet. 

With the increasing environmental and political climates, there’s no better time to begin learning how we can heal ourselves and others.

Where to begin

Start by gathering the basic knowledge of how our physical bodies operate.

What are the messages they send us in the form of symptoms, what do those messages say? There is so much to "know," but we can start simply - just by being curious, by investigating our self and tuning inwards to the subtle energy body, we can access a world of knowledge.

The body is always talking to us, we just have to meet it in the space where it communicates.

By spending more time in our parasympathetic nervous system, or our state of rest & digest rather than fight or flight, we can become receivers of these messages.

What does it take you to get to the state of "rest & digest?" Is it practicing yoga, breath work, massage, alone time, creating? 

Find what gets you to the space where your jaw is relaxed, your breath is easy, and your hands soft. Spend time in this space daily. Listen to your body during this time - close your eyes and scan yourself head to toe. What catches your energy? Reminders, this is simply a practice of tuning inwards, it is not meant to diagnose or create stress :)

Then, once you have created a relationship with your subtle energy body, you can use the tools from the earth (herbs/ plant medicine) to respond to the messages. Are you noticing the first symptoms of exhaustion, fatigue, and achy bones? Grab some golden seal, echinacea, & olive leaf tea, and get extra sleep to ward off an oncoming cold. Keep practicing.

With this mentality, we move away from the idea that our wellness is someone else's responsibility. That a doctor heals you. That can never be true, as a doctor can only provide the tools for your body to heal itself.

All healing is internal, how empowering is that.

Let's all work towards becoming self empowered, in charge of our wellness, and living more harmoniously with the planet and our bodies.

A beautiful vision and mantra for the taking.