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Jess Cooper, My Muru Founder and NY Open Center Certified Herbalist, is a practicing western herbalist with an educational background in Western herbalism, yoga, and holistic nutrition.  Jess is a lifelong learner - she continues her herbal education alongside field veterans where she deepens her practice and clinical knowledge. 

Jess first established an understanding of the powers of herbal medicine through her own healing crisis - paralleled with the many frustrations experienced interacting with the limiting traditional western health care system.  She believes in the healing that comes from self knowledge, green medicine, and in learning to properly receive and react to the messages our bodies send us.  As we develop a language with our own bodies, we learn what they need to be fully nourished and vital throughout our lives.  

Her healing protocols take a practical, holistic approach. She works with health issues that present as both acute and chronic — she gets to the core message / issue at hand, and then presenting symptoms clear all the way through the top layer. It's consistently fascinating to watch secondary symptoms disappear after a core imbalance is healed. Jess is especially comfortable working with autoimmune, G.I., Adrenal, and Hormonal issues and imbalances. 

She offers each client a custom, unique experience, empowering them with not only a healing herbal protocol and professional support, but with knowledge as to how herbal medicine energetics work so they may continue on their healing journey long after the sessions have commenced. 

An initial herbal consultation is a 1.5 hour appointment that dives into your past symptoms, present symptoms, and wellness goals. We will work to address or uncover a specific health issue or overall wellness intention.  

Western Herbalism can help with many health issues. Some common applications are: improving gut health, hormonal balancing, adrenal health, chronic colds and flus, respiratory conditions, auto-immune disease, all digestive functions, chronic skin issues, liver tonification and support, stress & anxiety, and many more.  Upon the end of our 1st session, I prepare an herbal protocol for you to begin.  Length and herbs vary depending on the intake assessment results. Follow up sessions are used to review progress and determine if any adjustments to the protocol should be made. 

I welcome all humans on the journey to better wellness with deep compassion, privacy, and respect. You do not need to have a specific concern in mind to benefit from herbal medicine, there is always something to stregthen or tonify in this wild world!

The initial 1.5 hour intake is $130-$180, sliding scale. 
Follow ups are up to 1 hour long and cost $85. 
All herbal formulas are charged separately & are available in either preformulated teas, capsule, or tincture form.  

The usual herbalist - client relationship comprises of an intake meeting, and approximately 1 session every 2 weeks for a 3 month duration. This varies case by case and you can always choose what works best for you.

At the moment, I offer 3 low-cost appointments a month- please feel free to email me for more information.

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